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Item description

Take your students on a treasure hunt in the ocean. Expose them to additional ocean animals, such as an angler fish, orca, or lobster.

Perfect for virtual sessions; however, the volume must be near max for the recipient to hear all the sound effects and music. 

After you locate all five goal coins under the images, click anywhere outside the 15 white boxes one more time to reveal a short clip of an ocean animal with calm soothing music. There are three games available in this activity,  two of which are very simple to edit. Just move the smiling faces under a different image and you’re ready for a new game. There will be no video unfortunately. 

Suggestions for therapy:

-Identify vocab by descriptions

-Teach other carrier phrases, such as, “look under…”, “look behind…”, “let’s try the…”

-When teaching new vocab and a child asks for, “that one”, try teaching your student to ask you, “what is it?”

– Teach the child to ask you to move the coin

– Introduce negatives, “no coin”

– Vocabulary: jellyfish, seashell, sea turtle, whale, sea horse, octopus, squid, crab, angler fish, sand dollar, coral, shipwreck, starfish, shrimp, orca, shark, lobster, clownfish, scuba diver, and dolphin.