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Bingo for teachers from Teacherbingo!

– a TEFL/TESOL class with five preschoolers?
– a kindergarten/school class with over 30 kids?
– or even an event with hundreds of students?
No problem, Teacherbingo got you covered!

There’s an extensive library of (vocabulary) images to choose from,
So it won’t take you much longer than a couple of minutes to create
Your very own, totally customized bingo game on teacherbingo.com

All of our (non-customizable) sets are
designed the following way:
– 3×3 grids include 20 words of vocabulary (a starter for the little ones)
– 4×4 grids include 30 words of vocabulary (approx. 10-20min playing time)
– 5×5 grids include 50 words of vocabulary (approx. 15-30min playing time)
– 6×6 grids include 60 words of vocabulary (approx. 20-40min playing time)
– 7×7 grids include 65 words of vocabulary (a comprehensive bingo game) 

That arrangement worked well for us
during the last eight years of tutoring.
Games for younger learners shouldn’t take too long, for their ability to
concentrate decreases faster than for more advanced learners and often time is
an issue as well. Visit teacherbingo.com,
if you wish to customize your bingo game! There you can choose your grid,
background, header, vocabulary, print layout, free space, and the number of
cards yourself, to tailor the most suitable bingo game according to your
specific circumstances. 

Teach playfully!
Your Teacherbingo Team 

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