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The materials in this back to school resource will encourage the families of your multilingual students to attend your school’s Open House, help you keep track of who attended your Open House and collect families’ contact info, and help you organize your teacher-family conferences.  Using these materials will save you time at the beginning of the year and around report card time when you schedule conferences with the parents/guardians of your students.

Resource at a Glance:
What will students learn?
* These materials are aimed at teachers and will help them prepare for school-wide Open Houses and parent/guardian conferences.
Who is it for?
* All teachers.
How does it help teachers?
* Customizable letter encourages multilingual families to participate in your school’s Open House by personalizing the invitation to attend.
* Print and digital forms of the Open House letter make it easy to insert the relevant details.
* Open House attendance form makes it easy lets you easily collect contact info for your students’ families and see who participated.
* Conference forms enable you to keep track of the day and time your students’ families are scheduled.


What you get in this back to school product:

★ A table of contents for easy reference (1 page)
★ A Notes to the Teacher section with explanatory information, including how to access the digital letter (1 page)
★ 2 versions of a printable Open House invitation letter (2 pages)
★ 1 version of a digital Open House invitation letter, with instructions (2 slides)
★ 1 printable Open House sign-in form (1 page)
★ 3 versions of a printable Parent/Guardian Conference Data form (3 pages)

More Info:
The Open House letter is customizable and comes in print and digital versions.  The digital version is a Google Slide™ and includes another slide with instructions on what to put in the text boxes in the letter itself.  You can handwrite or type the print version and send it home with students.  Or you can use the digital version and email or text it to your students’ families.

The Open House attendance form is a chart that adults who come to see can you fill out.  It asks for their name, the name of their child (since in many cases the surname isn’t the same), and for info on how to reach them.  You can save the contact info for future reference when you need to get in touch with a family.  You can photocopy the form if you need more space for all the families to provide their information.

The parent/guardian conference form is a quick way to compile all the info about who you will have conferences with, whether it’s an in-person or virtual conference, and what time it will be.  There is also space for comments you can add before or after the actual conference.  There are 3 versions of the form to accommodate different teaching situations:
* If you teach multiple grade levels then the Grade version is probably most useful.
* If you teach more than just one subject, you’ll probably find the Subject version most helpful.
* If you teach just one subject but have several sections of it, then the Period version would probably make the most sense to use.  

If you need more space, just make photocopies of the form you are using.

These ready-made materials will help you save precious time at the start of the new school year and during the busy report card conference time of year!


Thank you and happy teaching!

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