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You’ll have no trouble getting the attention of your class when they see packages of Oreos on your desk! Oreo science is full of surprises and all the hands-on activities and experiments employ the scientific method. Perfect for middle school and upper elementary students. The activities are all easy to run and easy to set up for. Add this set of hands-on activities to your teaching repertoire; your students will really enjoy and learn a lot! This package contains all of the resources below.

– Do Double Stuf Oreos really contain double the filling?

– An alternative method to recover the white fillings of cookies intact is described.

– The solubility and buoyancy of Oreos in different solutions

– The Density of Oreos. Activity worksheet included.

– Simple chemical analysis of Oreos

– Average Mass of Oreo Cookies

– How much water (or milk) can an Oreo cookie absorb?

– Can an Oreo cookie survive a vinegar-baking soda reaction?

– The Oreo drop

– How much force to rip apart an Oreo?

– Rolling Oreos and distance

All result tables provided. Also included are two activity worksheets with answer keys, custom graph paper, and document camera-example problems on percent composition. Simply print and use.


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