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Palindromes, palindromes, palindromes. Hannah Palindrome just loves palindromes. Welcome to Hannah Palindrome: The Aibohphobia Curse, the first chapter in a series featuring our main character Hannah.


There are a few activities that accompany this retro-style 2D game. The students have a worksheet to fill out while they are playing game listing each palindrome as they find them. I have found 27 palindromes, and have them listed. Maybe you or your students will find more. There is a crossword puzzle, with and without word bank, focusing on The Aibohphobia Curse palindromes. An answer key is provided. There is also a word search worksheet, with an answer key provided.


These activities can assist in learning new definitions, learning new palindromes, and even reading comprehension if desired.


Please try this FREE palindrome video game before purchasing to test how it will play on your device.


NOTE: This video game is a Microsoft EXE file and will open in Windows, but on Mac requires the installation of additional software such as Parallels Desktop for Mac with Microsoft Windows installed.


Remember: When education is fun, learning occurs faster.