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Get kids excited with writing with this FUN workbook. Students will be tasked with finding all the errors in each paragraph. Each page will contain check boxes that show what kind of mistakes the students need to watch out for as they read, and how many of each they are.

Students will practice their use of:

  • periods
  • commas
  • question marks
  • exclamation marks
  • hyphens
  • quotation marks
  • capital letters
  • apostrophes
  • parenthesis
  • keen eye to spelling error

Once students have identified all the errors and marked them in the page, they will get to rewrite the paragraph with no errors.

This is great for students to practice their writing capabilities, reinforce the use of punctuations, and educate students on topics they may not have known. Every passage is completely different and independent of all others.

Students will read about:

  • different kinds of animals
  • political figures
  • Texas oil
  • famous landmarks
  • fiction stories with dialogue
  • morals
  • dinosaurs
  • helping the environment
  • Earth
  • Titanic
  • ancient wonders
  • self-help
  • vitamins
  • sci-fi
  • and much more!


Every page will allow the students to feel more comfortable using the more “complicated” punctuations. This is great for daily writing practice as a warm-up or wrap up.



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