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This is a 30mn online lesson for kids to be applied in real-time. This lesson will help you teach your students to:

  • Identify places.
  • Create simple sentences using Subject+verb ESTAR in the third person singular+place.
  • Understand questions with the interrogative word DÓNDE.


More about this product 

  • This lesson is meant to be applied in real time. It is not for independent study. You may play the presentation on your computer and share your screen with your students to guide them throughout the lesson.
  • This Spanish A1 Lesson is ready to be applied in your online classes. We offer you a beautiful, fun, and complete class that does NOT require preparation time. 
  • This lesson is for students aged 7 to 10 years old with some previous Spanish knowledge.
  • The lesson follows the Communicative approach. You will find an ice-breaker, presentation, practice, and production activity.  
  • Before each activity, you will find a slide with a brief description of what you have to do. Use it as a quick reminder for you and a transition/explanation for your students. 
  • After each activity, you will find a slide with a congratulatory message for your students. Use it as an opportunity to check they are involved in the class and to give feedback.
  • Detailed instructions and lesson goals are included in the file.
  • The quality of the lesson would be better if the teacher and students can make annotations on the screen.
  • The lesson was planned for 1 to 1 or small group tutoring. But it can be easily adapted to bigger group classes.


Table of contents 

  • Ice-breaker: Sing ¨yo tengo una casita¨. Spanish lyrics are included on the PPP.
  • Presentation: Present this lesson´s vocabulary using Flashcards.
  • Practice: Practice using a fun game and solving a crossword.
  • Reading: Two paragraphs A1 story. One fill-in-the-blanks activity. And one multiple option question with drawings.
  • Production: Describe who is in your house using simple sentences.


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