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This is a large pack of cut and paste worksheets for the Parts of the Mass. There are pages for the 4 parts of the mass, as well as pages for those 4 parts broken down into their own parts. All the activities are based on repetition and being able to put the parts in the order that they are done.


The mat for the 4 Parts of the Mass and Parts of the Mass are available in color and black & white. All others are ink saving black & white only. Answer keys are also provided for all worksheets.


This pack include:

◆ 4 Parts of the Mass

◇ Put in Number Order from 1-4

◇ Sequence Parts

◇ Sequence Definitions

◆ Parts of the Mass (broken down)

◇ Sequence Parts

◇ Sequence Definitions

◆ Each of the 4 Parts (Introductory Rites, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist, and Concluding Rites)

◇ Put in Number Order

◇ Sequence Parts

◇ Sequence Definitions


◇ Eucharistic Prayer

◈ Put in Number Order

◈ Sequence Parts

◈ Sequence Definitions

◆ Answer Keys (for all worksheets)



NOTE: This is for the Parts of the CATHOLIC Mass. The “Concluding Rites” does NOT include “Announcements” as all my research showed that was optional and not done in all churches.


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