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Enjoy watching your students make crazy sentences as they compete to
guess their opponent’s sentence first! This resource is designed to
practice the past and present continuous (progressive) tense through
engaging speaking and writing worksheets and two interactive PowerPoint
presentations which include fully functional digital warm-up and main
activity options! Two full 50-60 minute lesson plans with detailed
instructions on how to run the activities are included along with color
and monochrome versions of every worksheet and editable templates of
everything so that you can make your own versions! Minimal preparation

This resource was designed for Assistant
(English) Language Teachers (ALTs) in Japan and ESL/EFL classes around
the world. It is aimed towards junior high school 1st to 3rd grade
students (ages 12-15) but can be adapted for younger or older age
groups. It combines an interactive pair-based speaking and listening
game with a fun puzzle/picture worksheet for engaging writing practice.

What’s included:

  • Two 50-60 minute lesson plans with full instructions on how to run the activities
  • Eight general warm-up activity ideas that require minimal preparation
  • Four repetition activity ideas for drilling the target structures in fun ways
  • A guide on how to use the PowerPoint presentations
  • One
    present continuous speaking practice activity worksheet with two
    supplementary writing practice worksheet options: color and monochrome
  • One past continuous speaking practice activity worksheet with a supplementary writing practice worksheet: color and monochrome
  • Editable
    templates of everything that can be adapted for a variety of grammar
    structures and difficulty levels to suit your needs: color and
  • Two PowerPoint presentations that provide helpful
    example sentences when explaining the grammar, answers to the worksheet
    questions, and digital warm-up and main game options that can be played
    in pairs or used when demonstrating the main activity.

How to use:

activity has been used in my own classes to great success and has
allowed the students to understand the target phrases/vocabulary and use
them in fun and engaging ways.

The lesson plan provides a
detailed step-by-step guide on how to run the lesson as well as several
warm-up activities that can be adapted to suit the needs of any class
and suggestions on how to introduce the grammar. An additional guide on
how to use the PowerPoint is also included. This resource can be used
with as few as 1 student in a one-to-one setting or as many as 40.

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