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The mystery pictures in this coordinate plane graphing picture bundle are great for any patriotic holiday that celebrates or remembers our country or those who have served it, like Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day, Veteran’s Day and 4th of July. These mystery pictures can go along with a math lesson, and are also great for early finishers or when there is a substitute.

Mystery pictures included in this bundle:

  • One mystery picture in all four quadrants
  • Three mystery pictures in Quadrant I
  • Three symmetry and reflection pictures where students graph coordinate pairs in Quadrant I, and then use their symmetry and reflection skills to finish the rest of the quadrants

Mystery graphing pictures are a fun way to practice graphing skills. Students plot coordinate pairs, connecting them with a line until they come to the word STOP. There they stop the line they are working on and start a new one. When they have finished plotting all of the ordered pairs their mystery picture is complete and they have a fun picture to color.