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Here are 4 activity sheets to print and use after you’ve read the Paul Bunyan tall tale with your students: Comprehension, Graphic Organizer, Exaggeration and Compare and Contrast activities.

1. Comprehension Sheet – This sheet asks students to draw and write about their favorite part, write 4 words to describe Paul, write an example of an exaggeration from the tall tale, and summarize the tale in their own words.

2. Tall Tale Graphic Organizer – This sheet asks students to write the characters, setting. It has boxes for students to write or draw 2 Exaggerations from the story, 1 Realistic Event from the story, the Problem and the Solution.

3. Tall Tale Exaggeration – Students illustrate their favorite exaggeration from the story and write about what they drew.

4. Compare & Contrast – Students choose another person or character to compare to Paul Bunyan. They could choose themselves, another tall tale character, anyone!