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This Plan A Cruise learning experience lets students become travel agents and design a fun-filled vacation for their classmates. They will use important skills like math, research, planning, time management, budgeting and organization to create their one-of-a-kind trip.

Each page in their cruise plan book requires students to use certain academic skills:


This page includes important words students will encounter during their project. A page of definitions is included for them to cut out and glue onto the vocabulary page under the correct word.


Students will use this page to plan the route their cruise ship will take. They will use a world map to mark their point of origin, ports of call, and destination. They will need to research various locations to decide where their cruise will stop for excursions and determine the distance their ship will travel (math skill: multi-digit addition).


These two pages are used to plan on-shore excursions for cruise guests. After deciding on two location to visit, students will research them to find out about local currency, language, and climate. They will choose an activity for their guest to enjoy such as a local landmark or tourist spot and then design a postcard.


After researching locations, weather, and activities, your students will use this page to help travelers pack for the trip. They will need to provide suggestions for clothing and other items that might be needed (such as sunscreen, scuba gear, hiking boots, etc. depending on the locations and activities they choose).


Your young travel agents will now plan on-board entertainment for their guests. They will choose two activities for each day of the trip. A menu of choices is provided with the number of minutes each one lasts. They will select activities based on time slots available in the schedule. (math skill: elapsed time)


Everyone needs to eat, so students will have to plan a menu for the chefs to prepare. The menu must meet guests nutritional needs by including the right number of items from each food group.


Before the ship can set sail, it needs a crew. On this page, students will determine the number of workers needed based on how many guests are on board the ship. (math skill: multiplication and division)


The final step in planning their cruise requires students to set ticket prices. Using a price list, they will calculate the cost of each type of ticket. (math skill: multi-digit addition)

Students will need access to maps, dictionaries, and/or the internet to complete this project.