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This workbook supports students to recognise and respond to positive and negative peer pressure. Students will explore strategies to handle peer pressure and gain insight into their own experiences. This workbook includes activities, worksheets and psychoeducation to thoroughly cover the topic. This workbook includes the following:

-Brainstorming Peer Pressure Worksheet

-What is Peer Pressure?

-Positive and Negative Peer Pressure

-Positive pressure (and examples)

-Negative pressure (and examples)

-Peer Pressure Sorting Activity (cut and paste)

-Peer Pressure Experiences Worksheet

-Peer Pressure Questionnaire

-Positive / Negative Peer Pressure Worksheet

-How does Peer Pressure make you feel?

-Why is it hard to say ‘No” to Peer Pressure?

-What to do if you are pressured?

-SPOTLIGHT on Peer Pressure Scenarios

-Tips for Staying Strong and Saying No!



-Colouring Page