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I have created an “All About Penguins” arctic animal research project
using Have, Can, Are language for you to use in a polar animals
research writing unit! I have included over 50 pages of writing
templates, a craft option, article templates, and flip book options that
your students can use to gather facts about penguins and share their
research in an engaging way!


-Craft pieces

-Templates for asking questions, taking notes, writing a rough draft and final draft

-Templates for an article

-Templates for a flip book

– everything in black and white options

This project is perfect for a week-long or two-week long writing unit!


1 (Or Week 1)- Ask questions, begin research, and gather facts from
library books, online books, YouTube, printable articles, and National
Geographic. Take notes!

Day 2-Continue taking notes or begin sentence writing on rough draft templates

Day 3- Edit and Final Copy

Day 4- Craft

Day 5- Finish, share, and decorate hallway!