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Students love this bingo game! Easy to follow and great fun to use and teach with. You don’t have to add anything. It’s Bingo like it’s never been played before!

This is a great activity for consolidating learning, as a class reward or as a review.


❤️ “I used this game for 5th graders during my student teaching and it was a huge hit! I liked that there were several levels for the questions because that was less work for me! The kids loved it and the teachers who observed me gave me a glowing review for the lesson. Definitely would recommend”. Roxanna L


❤️ “This was exactly what I have been looking for. I loved how there are multi-level questions for each element!” Brittany G.


❤️ “My students were totally engaged in this activity and LOVED the review style!” Shauna H.


⭐ 30 unique bingo cards

⭐ 35 elements of the periodic table

⭐ 4 questions for each element, you choose how easy or difficult to make it!

⭐ Ideal for differentiation

⭐ Each bingo card comes with the element symbol along with a graphic hint

⭐ Element Name and Symbol list to quickly identify each element

These are ready to go! Just print them, laminate them and have fun.