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Item description

Are you looking for inspirational reading passages? This growth mindset inspired unit with the theme of perseverance can be very motivational. Comprehension questions, Listening, speaking, and writing tasks, as well as vocabulary and grammar mini-lessons are included.

What is included?

✦ 8 Close Reading Lessons (a total of 45 pages)

✦ 2 pdfs (one for the colored version – one for a B/W version)

✦ Variety of Genres

  1. Autobiography
  2. Biography
  3. Poem
  4. Korean Folk Tale
  5. Argumentative Essay
  6. Newspaper Article
  7. Speech
  8. Interview – Video

✦ Pre and post comprehension questions

✦ Essential Questions & Inspirational Quotes

✦ Cite Evidence Questions in which students interact with the text

✦ Listening and Speaking tasks (Links to Videos are in a separate PDF)

✦ Vocabulary Mini Lessons with Guided and Independent Practice

  1. Context Clues
  2. Using Reference Materials
  3. Word Relationships: Synonyms
  4. Game: Backs to the Board

✦ Grammar Mini Lessons with Guided and Independent Practice

  1. Verbals
  2. Verb Moods
  3. Present Tense Forms
  4. Past Tense Forms
  5. Conditionals & Subjunctive Moods

 Writing Tasks

✦ Writing Process Lesson (Persuasive Essay)

➣Opportunities for collaborative work are included.