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Your Social Skills class is a wonderful place to teach cultural sensitivity and speech filters. This is a short PowerPoint lesson that details the difference between an appropriate and inappropriate comment when discussing religions and customs. Each holiday / custom is briefly described the way it might be in conversation. Students need to choose between an appropriate and inappropriate response. A follow-up Slide provides the student with the ability to reflect and provide their own response to a culture or custom that may not be familiar to them.

You will receive a 59 page slide show. The first 50 slides contain
the lesson with over 16 customs and religions to review. The Slide show
is interactive and consists of 16 Drag and Drop activities and 16 open
ended questions to help you decide if your student can use the skills
taught in this Slide Show.

The last 9 slides (Slides
#38-46)  consist of smaller / duplicate copies of each slide which can
be cut, laminated and used as task cards for times when you may not have
access to the internet.

16 Separate Customs and
Religions are introduced from around the world.   I  suggest running the
deck as a group lesson and then assigning for HW to assess the skill.
Some basic interference skills are required.

The Slide Show works
well with older students (Grades 6- 10)  or best when used with
students who have mild-moderate cognitive delays yet good language
skills. An independent lesson will take about 20-25 minutes however if
you are using it as a teaching tool during instruction the lesson can
easily fill sixty  minutes with breaks in between for group discussion.
When I use this lesson with my Social Skills classroom it takes 60

This Deck was created by Maria Tommasi CCC-SLP P-LLC and is for instructional use, all rights reserved.   It may be used by the purchaser for their students or for a parent with their children. This resource may NOT be placed publically on the internet, on a class or school website visible to the public, or on a district server.  If you have any questions  email me directly at [email protected]