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Therapeutic Intervention for Teenagers to explore situations and decisions from a number of different perspectives. This resource encourages students to move outside their default thinking style and helps them self-reflect and move towards a more rounded and robust viewpoint. This is a great resource for teenagers with anger management, conflict resolution, limited personal insight and emotional regulation difficulties. Great to use in an individual, small or large group setting. This resource is versitile and can be utilised in many ways.


Looking at things from a different perspective are a vital life skill. This resource includes 7 different glasses which encourages the student to explore a situation or problem from each of these lens. These include looking at a situation from various lenses including emotional, intuitive, creative, pessimistic, reactive, problem solving and analytic.


The seven types of glasses include: Optimistic Glasses, Pessimistic Glasses, Problem Solving Glasses, Reactive Glasses, Reactive Glasses, Analytic Glasses, Flying High Glasses and Growth Mindset Glasses.


This resource will encourage students to look at the positives and negatives of each of the different perspectives.

NOTE: This resource does not include hypothetical situations or decisions as it is encouraged to use day to day situations that arise organically to make the reflective practice more important and powerful.