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Crazy Sounds is a great phonemic awareness activity to help children recognize and decode long vowel sounds automatically. It is a great alternative to worksheets for practice with vowel teams and vowel-consonant-e word fluency.

This card game compliments any Orton-Gillingham-based instruction and aligns with the science of reading.

► 96 playing cards with long vowel word pictures

► 96 playing cards with long vowel pictures and words

► 8 special cards including wild cards, skip and draw 2

► Assembly instructions

► How to play

► Extension activity ideas

► Recording sheets for student writing

► Wordlist

Players must correctly decode the word and identify the vowel sound they hear in order to get rid of their cards. The following vowel teams are included in this game. Long A: ai, ay, ei, eigh Long E: ee, ea, ey, ie Long I: ie, igh Long O: oe, ow, oa Long U: ew, ue.

⭐Combine this game with the Crazy Sounds Short Vowel game and practice differentiating long and short vowel sounds. 

Cards are included with and without words so it can be played with different levels of ability. This game provides differentiated instruction for tutoring sessions, general classroom use, homeschool, and special education.

Word cards were created using the open dyslexic font made for dyslexic readers and students that learn differently.