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Blends Clip Art Bundle by Sticky Foot Studio

There are 144 graphics in this Bundle. Includes 72 color and 72 black and white graphics. There are at least 3 unique graphics for each blend. The graphics are high quality transparent PNGs which can easily be layered and resized in your worksheets and products.


cr: crab, crown, crayon

fr: frog, fries, fruit

tr: tractor, tree, trophee

br: broom, branch, bread

gr: grapes, grass, groundhog

dr: drum, dress, dragon

bl: blocks, blueberry, blackberry

sl: slide, slipper, sled

gl: glasses, glue, glass

cl: clock, cloud (2 versions), clam

fl: floss, flag (2 versions), flower

pl: plane, plant, plus (2 versions)

pr: price, present, pretzel

sp: spin, spider, spaceship (or fl: flying saucer)

sc: scale (2 versions), scarecrow, scuba

sn: snail, snake, snowman

st: stop sign (2 versions), stamp (2 versions), star (2 versions)

sk: ski, skate (or skateboard), skunk

sm: smile, smoke, smell, smelly (or st: stinky)

sw: swan, (playground) swing, swim

str: straw, strawberry, strong

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I hope you enjoy this clip art and find it useful.

You may use these graphics for educational products sold digitally. Provide credit to my store by including a link or by using the graphic logo which is included in this download. The graphic logo can also be downloaded from my online stores.

The full Terms of Use are included in the download.

Please contact me with any questions in the ‘Product Q & A’ section of this page.