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Do your students need to work on their word family skills? Are you looking for hands-on activities to add to your literacy centers? Or do you need some new phonics games to use with your students? If so, this differentiated packet of word families is perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and even second-grade students!


What results do teachers see after using pianos phonics activities?

  • “Beyond amazing! interactive, visual and kinesthetic. Great for home practice too!” – Brenda
  • “Such a unique product! My dyslexic students will thoroughly enjoy gaining more knowledge of word families by using an aesthetic vehicle.” – Jeannette
  • “Such a great fun idea. My class love it and I thank you for your hard work. This resource is very much appreciated.” – Christine
  • “This is a wonderful idea with lots of potential. It can be printed and created as a work station activity for word work, interactive journal activity, and Word Family Reader to name a few quick ideas. I love Sarah B.’s idea of singing the words. It would also be a great way for the music teacher to integrate ELA in her lessons with the younger children. I can’t wait to use it with my class and will be adding to my Word Family Pianos Collection in the weeks ahead. Thanks for your time spent creating a great product.” – Chanda

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The bundle has both color and black and white versions.


How to use phonics games?

Can be used as an interactive journal activity or word family reader. More ideas how to use:

  1. as word walls. There are 45 colorful and 45 black and white pianos with word examples of the family. Print and hang!

  2. as a piano constructor. Tell children that you’d like them to help you and build a PIANO together! There are colorful pianos with a word family letter as well as b/w pianos. Print and laminate them (choose b/w or colorful variant). There are piano keys with words for each family (7-16 words for the family). Print, cut words on piano keys and mix them. A child should read the word on the key and connect it to the right piano (with a magnet, paperclip. sticker, etc.)

  3. sing the words on keys.

  4. as cut and paste activities.

What Word Families and Vocabulary are Included?

(A) -at -ag -am -ap -ab -ad -an -ar- aw

  • bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, rat, sat (extra words: brat, chat, flat, pat, slat, tat, vat)
  • bag, drag, gag, nag, rag, tag, wag (extra words: brag, jag, lag, sag, shag, snag, stag)
  • ham, jam, Pam, ram, Sam, tam, yam (extra words: cam, clam, dram, exam, spam, swam, tram)
  • cap, gap, lap, map, nap, rap, zap (extra words: clap, flap, sap, scrap, snap, tap, trap)
  • cab, crab, dab, grab, lab, nab, tab (extra words: blab, drab, fab, flab, gab, slab, stab)
  • bad, dad, fad, had, lad, sad, tad (extra words: cad, clad, glad, grad, mad, pad, nomad)
  • ban, can, fan, pan, ran, tan, van (extra words: bran, clan, man, plan, scan, span, than)
  • bar, car, far, gar, jar, mar, tar (extra words: ajar, guitar, jaguar, par, scar, spar, star)
  • caw, draw, jaw, law, paw, raw, saw (extra words: claw, flaw, gnaw, raw, slaw, straw, thaw)

(E) -et -est -eck -ed -ell -end -eat -eel -ee

  • bet, get, jet, let, net, pet, wet
  • best, chest, crest, jest, nest, rest, test
  • check, deck, fleck, neck, peck, speck, wreck
  • bed, fed, led, red, shed, sled, wed (extra words: bled, bred, fled, shred, sped)
  • bell, cell, fell, jell, sell, tell, yell (extra words: dell, quell, shell, smell, spell, swell, well)
  • bend, blend, lend, mend, send, spend, trend (extra words: fend, tend)
  • beat, feat, heat, meat, neat, seat, treat (extra word: cheat)
  • feel, heel, keel, peel, reel, steel, wheel (extra word: kneel)
  • bee, fee, free, glee, see, tree, wee (extra words: flee, knee, spree, thee, three)

(I) -ick -ill -in -ing -ink -ip -ice -ide -ine

  • click, kick, lick, pick, sick, tick, trick (extra words: brick, chick, click, flick, quick, slick, stick, thick)
  • bill, drill, fill, grill, hill, pill, will (extra words: chill, dill, kill, mill, skill, spill, till)
  • bin, chin, fin, kin, skin, tin, win (extra words: din, grin, pin, sin, spin, thin, twin)
  • ding, king, ping, ring, sing, wing, zing (extra words: bring, cling, fling, sling, sting, swing, wring)
  • blink, drink, link, pink, rink, sink, wink (extra words: brink, chink, clink, kink, mink, stink, think)
  • blip, dip, flip, hip, lip, ship, trip (extra words: chip, clip, drip, grip, nip, quip, rip, sip, tip, zip)
  • dice, nice, price, rice, slice, spice, vice (extra words: lice, mice, splice, thrice, twice)
  • bide, hide, pride, ride, side, tide, wide (extra words: bride, chide, glide, slide, skide, stride)
  • fine, line, nine, pine, spine, shine, wine (extra words: brine, dine, mine, shrine, spine, swine, vine, whine)

(O) -ot -op -ob -og -ock -ow (x2) -oo -oil

  • dot, got, hot, lot, not, pot, tot (extra words: bot, cot, knot, plot, shot, slot, spot)
  • cop, hop, mop, pop, shop, stop, top (extra words: chop, crop, drop, flop, plop, prop, sop)
  • blob, bob, job, lob, mob, rob, sob (extra words: glob, gob, knob, slob, snob, throb, corncob)
  • bog, cog, dog, fog, hog, jog, log
  • block, cock, dock, lock, mock, rock, sock
  • bow, cow, how, now, sow, vow, wow
  • blow, flow, glow, low, show, slow, snow
  • boo, coo, goo, igloo, shoo, too, zoo
  • boil, broil, coil, foil, soil, spoil, toil

(U) -ub -uck -ug -um -unk -ush -ut -ue -ute

  • club, cub, dub, hub, pub, rub, tub (extra words: flub, grub, nub, scrub, shrub, snub, stub)
  • buck, duck, luck, pluck, puck, truck, tuck (extra words: cluck, huck, muck, shuck, struck)
  • bug, dug, hug, mug, plug, rug, tug (extra words: chug, drug, jug, lug, shrug, slug, smug)
  • bum, chum, drum, gum, hum, plum, sum
  • bunk, funk, hunk, junk, slunk, sunk, trunk (extra words: chunk, drunk, dunk, flunk, plunk, punk, shrunk, spunk, stunk)
  • brush, crush, flush, hush, lush, mush, rush
  • but, cut, hut, nut, rut, shut, smut (extra words: glut, gut, jut, strut, donut, haircut, peanut)
  • blue, clue, cue, due, flue, glue, true
  • brute, chute, cute, flute, jute, lute, mute

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