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Looking to help your students ace their decoding strategies? Look no further than the Phonics Sound Practice Set! This handy set includes desk tents and task cards that support the science of reading, so your students will be able to reference phonemic awareness, phonics, letter-sound identification, spelling, and syllable rules with ease.

Plus, the interactive task cards provide ample practice with sound blending and handwriting. So why wait? Get your students on the path to success today with the Phonics Sound Practice Set!

This resource is meant to be a support for any phonics or reading intervention program and is based on the Orton-Gillingham method. Students should use this as a reminder to practice taught concepts.

► Desk Tent 1 – Complete Alphabet, Digraphs, Beginning Blends

► Desk Tent 2 – Vowel Valley and Consonant Sound Wall

► Desk Tent 3 – Syllabication, Short Vowel Exceptions, Welded Sounds

► Desk Tent 4 – Long Vowel Phoneme Spelling Options, r-controlled Vowels, Vowel-consonant-e, Spelling Rules, Silent Letter Combinations

► Phonics Concepts Key Ring Cards Including the Above Phonics Concepts

► Magnifying Glass Highlighting Cards

► Writing and Blending Practice Cards

► Phoneme Types Cards

► Long Vowel Phoneme Mouth Positioning and Sound Cards with Pictures

►Alphabet Practice Cards


Desk tents can sit on the student’s desk or be placed in the reading center for quick reference when a student needs a clue to a sound or phonics rule. Interactive cards are provided for students to write on, tap out sounds, practice letters, and search for words in books. Place the cards on a ring for a handy set of phonics practice cards for the reading center or individual student use. These make great resources for aides, volunteers, or tutors working with individual students.


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