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Item description

This bundle includes 128 phonics task cards. This activity will keep
students engaged while practicing phonemic manipulation of short vowel,
long vowel silent e, and digraph words through reading and spelling.
They can be used for independent work during centers, whole class and
with a small group as phonics and phonemic awareness instruction.

for use are included in this product. Each task card has steps to
complete one 9 word word ladder with letter or phonemic substitution.

What’s Included?

Suggestions for use

128 Word Ladder Cards:

  • Short Vowels 8 cards for each vowel and 8 mixed vowel cards
  • Long Vowel Silent E: 8 of the vowels a, i, o, u and 8 mixed vowel cards
  • Digraphs and Blends: 20 Digraph and 20 Blends cards

Answer Key

Recording Sheets(Recording sheet for 6 ladders plus 1/2 page and full page recording ladders)

Center Directions Posters