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Phonemic Awareness Phonological Awareness
Kindergarten First Grade Practice

is a NO PREP resource—practicing phonological awareness requires no
print component for students, and these task cards cards are designed to be
used by the teacher for quick, targeted activities to help students build their
facility with these critical skills.

set contains 100 task cards featuring eight phonological awareness skills, and
each card contains ten ready-to-use stimuli with a scripted prompt. So even if
practicing phonological awareness is new for you, these cards give you
everything you need to be successful. 1,000 total stimuli included in this
deck across eight distinct skills under the umbrella of phonological awareness.


use, just print, cut (card version only), and get ready to have fun with words
and sounds—that’s all it takes!

of the eight phonological awareness skills featured in this stimulus deck are
organized into groups and have matching, color-coded and patterned background

also have the option to print this resource two different ways:

full-page slides, if you prefer a larger version to work from and absolutely
ZERO PREP besides hitting the “print” button

smaller task cards, which will print four to a page—this is LOW PREP, since
you’ll need to cut the cards apart.