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Photographic Memory Development

Anyone would want to have this skill and it was discovered that especially kids can develop the skill easily if playing this similar cards game.

Early learning is as well triggering development of various skills that will further ease and improve the learning process in school time.

How this works?

Choose a set of similar cards then show 1 of them for 2-5 seconds to the child then take a similar card and put them both in front of child but make sure to mix them up before, so child doesn’t just apply logic but activates photographic memory. Then ask which 1 card was shown 1st. Developing this skill it will lead in time to memorizing entire text pages.

At 1st child may not get the correct answer as his brain still not used to the task but make sure to instruct your child that his task is to remember exactly the card, he then will get the idea and get better at remembering!

This exercise can be increased in difficulty by offering more complicated cards and more variations.

The set of 96 flash cards are for toddlers and kids age 2-7 years old, both beginner and more advanced options for visual memory skill development.

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