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You have to teach about photosynthesis, but you don’t know where to begin. Don’t worry about it, because I’ve got you covered with this exciting role play activity all about photosynthesis! You’ll receive everything you need, including a lesson plan, role play slips, diagrams, and, of course, lots of fun for your students!

This Activity Includes:

✓ A grade-level-friendly overview of photosynthesis

✓ Identifying the function of the root system, leaves, and stem

✓ An overview of the conversion of carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water to sugar

✓ Brief descriptions of each step of photosynthesis

✓ The sun’s role as fuel

With This Activity You’ll Get:

✓ A detailed lesson plan

✓ 8 unique role play slips

✓ Group activities and cooperative learning

✓ 8 role play cards to laminate (both colored and black & white versions available)

✓ Photosynthesis diagrams for both class and individual use

✓ Brief worksheet to check for understanding

✓ Answer key

.… and so much more!

How You Can Use This Activity:

  ✓ As a day lesson to review or introduce photosynthesis

  ✓ As a supplement to an already established program

  ✓ Science centers or literacy centers

  ✓ Integrate into reader’s workshop

  ✓ Whole group or small group

  ✓ Enrichment activities

  ✓ Hands-on engagement