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Physical Education Lessons, games, assessment, skill posters and much more!

This is the BEST PE Fundamental Movement Skills pack on MBT, this pack has absolutely EVERYTHING you need to teach FMS in any setting. Over 100 games, activities, skill posters, lesson plans and assessment sheets. Not just games, but FULL lesson plans to guide your teaching step by step!

What’s included:

  • 50 FMS games and activities with step by step instructions, modifications and extras such as teaching cues and sample plenary questions. Each game also has easy to reference icons which allows the teacher / coach to easily see what FMS skill the game covers.
  • 18 bright and engaging locomotor and object control posters, with key points. Ready to hang in your gym, at FMS stations or to use as a teaching resource.
  • 9 x 1 hour structured lesson plans. Each lesson plan has clickable links to each game or activity, equipment needs, curriculum links and FMS teaching cues for you to state and use in your classes
  • 18 FMS Assessment rubrics that you can print and use as is or add to any digital planner of your choice

Why do you need this resource?

This pack is great for both experienced and beginning Phys Ed teachers. Everything in here is easy to follow, without the need for searching, planning and struggling for ideas when teaching Physical Education

Easy to teach

Print and teach! Each lesson and activity states exactly what you need and how to teach it. This pack can easily be added to a tablet as a PDF/Powerpoint and Keynote and taken with you while you teach. Simply click links and be taken to the game/activity from the lesson plan at the touch of a finger. No internet needed as its all in the pack.

Skills covered:

This pack will allow you to confidently teach each of the following skills.

Locomotor Skills:

  • Running
  • Hopping
  • Galloping
  • Skipping
  • Jump for distance
  • Jump for height
  • Side Stepping / Sliding
  • Leaping
  • Balancing

Object Control Skills

  • Underarm throw
  • Overarm Throw
  • Dribbling (hand)
  • Dribbling (feet)
  • Two handed pass
  • Kicking (Soccer)
  • Catching
  • Two handed strike
  • Punting

This really is a an amazing and fantastic unit, one that you will be able to use over and over. Expertly crafted and tested by a highly accomplished team of PE teachers.