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Picture Exchange is an excellent AAC support for students with autism or who have limited functional communication. But it can be a confusing process for teachers, paraprofessionals, and families to remember! These cheatsheets provide guidelines on staff roles, step-by-step procedures, and detailed progress monitoring forms for data collection for:

  • Phase 1

  • Phase 2:

  • Phase 2A: Remove symbol from communication book

  • Phase 2B: Travel to communication partner

  • Phase 2C: Travel to book

  • Phase 2D: Expand traveling


An additional bonus cheatsheet outlining the following prompting and correction procedures is also included:

  • Delayed Prompting/Constant Time Delay Procedure

  • Backstep Error Correction Procedure

  • 4-Step Error Correction Procedure


** I am in no way affiliated with the PECS company and this is not an official or licensed product. This packet is simply a supplemental resource for teachers, paraprofessionals, and families who have been trained using PECS and need a quick reference resource during implementation.


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