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This workbook has been designed for teenagers and adults to explore, define and nurture themselves through self-care. This resource is motivating, inspirational and grounding. This resource gives teenagers and adults a great foundation in which to explore where they currently are in life, where they want to go hopes/desires/dreams) as well as equip them with the skills, knowledge and insight so that they are equipped with the right self-care tools and supports to deal with anything life throws at them.

This workbook explores the following:

– What is Self-Care?

– Seven Pillars of Self-Care (exploring each one individually and if any of our pillars in need of repair)

– Strongest Qualities and Traits

– Explore individual core sense of self (intellectually, spiritually, physically and emotionally)

– What’s important for them – dreams, desires, goals.

– Exploring barriers and overcoming obstacles

– Exploring defining moments

– Guided reflection questions

– Morning Headstart checklist example (and developing your own morning routine which nourishes your body, mind and soul)

– Daily Self-Reflection Template

– Inspirational Quotes, Analogies, Worksheets and more.