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Are you looking for a game to celebrate Pirate Day and do some diagnosis or revision work into the bargain? Then, this template might be just what you´ve been searching for. Treasure Island is a printable pirate game template that can be used with any content or subject.

✨ The winner won’t be the one who just gets to the finishing line first, but the one who can solve the final double challenge presented. All players are allowed three attempts, ensuring that even the weakest get a chance.

This resource is also available as a digital or as a money-saving dual game.



✪ 1 full colour boardgame

✪ 1 black & white boardgame

dice to assemble

colour tokens to assemble

✪ 39 full colour question cards with answer box

✪ 39 black & white question cards with answer box

✪ 15 full colour challenge question cards with answer box

✪ 15 black & white challenge question cards with answer box

full instructions



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⛔ The present resource is meant for personal use only.

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