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This game helps students practice place value in expanded form, written form, and standard form, and it practices the values of numbers, along with comparing numbers. Students will be engaged with this activity that can be used as a math center or during guided math. The game is low prep to no prep, meaning you grab a pair of dice and print the materials–then you are ready!

How to Play This Game:

Students roll the dice, try to create the smallest number, and then race to write their created number in the various forms–expanded form and written form–and then to find the values of each number. Students then trade papers and decide if their partner is correct. Students earn points for having parts correct, and whoever has the smallest number gets a bonus point!


**The playing cards can be laminated for repeated future use. Just have students use a marker that can be washed off.**


With This Game Students Will Practice:

This packet covers the following place values individually and allows for differentiation:

✓ tens

✓ hundreds

✓ thousands

✓ ten thousands

✓ hundred thousands