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You and your students will love this simple yet effective planet research activity. Explore the solar system in a hands-on way and enable your students to showcase their learning in their final planetary display (which will also make you classroom or hall displays look fab!)

My students enjoyed learning about planets and getting to turn the info into fact balls! These looked great when hanging around the classroom. Thanks!  Melanie V.

Rated 5 out of 5

You will receive:

Information Texts:

  • General solar system information text to kick start your students research by giving them some background information on the topic.
  • Then each planet has its own 1/2 page information text (8 total).

Fact Ball: students record facts on individual strips. Each strip has a designated focus to help keep students on track:

  • Size & placement in the solar system
  • Orbit and rotation
  • Surface
  • Moons
  • Atmosphere & temperature
  • Who discovered it? When and how?
  • Wow Facts!

Once students have recorded all of their facts, they then get to decorate and assemble their planet.

Students can work individually or even as a group!

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