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Students love superheroes, but have you ever considered that plants are superheroes, too? This resource provides you with a reading guide that shares how the many various plant adaptations make plants superheroes and then students take that information to create their own!

This resource covers the following plant adaptations and information:

  • physical and behavioral adaptations (the differences between)
  • roots, stem, leaves, and seed adaptations
  • signals plants give
  • pollination adaptations
  • coverings adaptations
  • plant defenses
  • ways to meet their needs

This resource includes:

  • high-interest reading passages regarding plant’s adaptations and how they are “superheroes”
  • student expectations/requirement sheets for the project – two choices: students research a real plant and determine its “superhero” (adaptations) abilities or create their own plant and give it “superhero” (adaptations) abilities.
  • organizer to plan out their superhero plant – covers habitat, adaptations, plant characteristics, etc.
  • rubrics – editable included (digital)
  • printable and digital versions
  • list of plants for research (optional)

This resource will benefit you and your students by:

  • motivating them so they are engaged and interested in learning
  • allowing differentiation so all needs are met
  • meeting those much-needed standards in science and reading
  • saving you time planning and giving you more time to refresh
  • increasing student independence and empowering learning