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A packet of activities, worksheets, and resources for teaching an engaging unit on plants and plant structures. This packet contains all of the resources listed below. Aligns to NGSS 4-LS1-1 and NGSS 5-LS1-1. Optimum for grades 3-5.

1. Parts of a Plant a parts of the plant worksheet. Also a cut and paste activity and notes.

2. Parts of a Seed a construction paper diagram of the parts of a seed along with a seed germination role play which students love.

3. Carrot Growing Experiment An activity where students place cut off carrot tops in sand and observe the formation of new leaves.

4. Light vs. Dark Germination Experiment A simple seed inquiry activity where students carry out an experiment using the scientific method to determine if light is necessary for seeds to germinate.

5. Radish Roots Use radish seed to view the emerging tap root, which quickly becomes fuzzy with fine root hairs. Directions to set up viewing chamber.

6. Chia Pets What a fun activity as the hairdos emerge as the seeds germinate. Different containers can be used as well. The sprouts are edible!

7. Flower Dissection Students dissect a flower and create an attractive mini-poster. A parts-of-the flower worksheet is also provided.

8. Colored Celery Student sheets for the classic activity where food coloring moves up the stem of a plant and colors the leaves and/or flower of the plant.

9. Quiz

10. Plant Posters 24 plant vocabulary posters

11. Plant Task Cards A set of 32 task cards on plant structures, pollination, photosynthesis and more.

All Life Science resources are aligned with NGSS

This resource is also part of a PLANT UNIT BUNDLE


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