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Regular and Irregular Plural Nouns Spelling Rules can be difficult to remember. How can you make each noun plural? Add -s? Add -es? Drop the y and add -ies? Whether you are interested in improving your students’ writing, their spelling, or helping them make better sense of what they read, research shows that students need explicit instruction on spelling rules for plurals. These pages work perfectly with the Orton Gillingham method of instruction. This packet includes color and black and white anchor charts / posters for each plural noun spelling rule. It covers the Plural Rules of Add S, Add ES, Change Y to I and add ES, Changing F, Fe fo VES, plural nouns ending in O and irregular plurals. It includes 2 types of practices for each plural noun spelling rule. Please check the preview to see what is included in this plurals packet.

Included pages:

1. Cover Page

2. Table of Contents

3, Orton Gillingham Scope & Sequence

4.6 Plural Spelling Rules Poster

5.Plural and You Know It Chant

6.Regular Plural Noun Rule 1 – Add S Anchor Chart

7.Regular Plural Noun Rule 2 – Add ES Anchor Chart

8.Regular Plural Noun Rule 3 – Change Y to I and add ES Anchor Chart

9.Plural Noun Rule 4 – F, FE, FF – Change to VES Anchor Chart

10.Plural Noun Rule 5 – Words ending in O Anchor Chart

11.Irregular Plural Nouns Examples – Anchor Chart

12 – 17 – Each of the 6 Plural Noun Spelling Rules Pages for students to color and add to their notebook for reference

18. – 23 – Practice Page for each spelling rule (sorting charts)

24 – 27 – Activity page for each of the plural spelling rules (identify, highlight and write)

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