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This creative writing high school POETRY WRITING UNIT has 18 detailed lessons that lead students through fun exercises done in a workbook/journal to complete a poetry portfolio of 7 poems. It is a no prep, print and go (or put on Google Classroom) resource. The 89 slide vibrant PowerPoint presentation with some fun animations lead the students through all of the lessons. A sub without any prep time could supervise these lessons, as all student instructions are supplied in the PowerPoint presentation and the students fill their question responses and drafts directly into their workbook/journal. Everything you need to teach this unit has been done for you. You just need to print out and photocopy the student workbook and you’re set! 18 lessons DONE!

Textual analysis tasks are expected of students, but primarily the unit is directed to the writing of poetry of different genres. They are also exposed to some fabulous poems by poets from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. The detailed lesson plans have been designed so that each plan can be directly shared with students on a screen. The lessons are designed to last an hour for an average class. If you have a class that takes their time over activities (either for good or bad reasons!), you might wish to exclude some of the shorter activities.

Included with the resource is a 34 page student workbook/journal.
I always call this document a journal when speaking about it to my class (it makes them feel more artsy!) but essentially it is a fun workbook. During the unit, students complete short journal entries every class, often several of them. They could receive completion marks for these entries. The workbook is compressed as much as possible to reduce photocopying and is intended for black and white copying. There is enough color in the PowerPoint to please the eye if you take the photocopying route! The students can also decorate their journals themselves.

Handouts that you might wish to copy for students (such as a literary terms glossary) are grouped together for convenience at the end of the resource.
Only Lesson 1 requires supplies. Scissors, old magazines or books, plain paper and glue sticks are needed for Found Poetry. For the other 17 lessons just the photocopied journal and student creativity are needed. Access to the internet is required to access some of the more recent poems. ALL LESSONS ARE STUDENT TESTED AND APPROVED!

Table of contents
Portfolio contents summary
Lesson 1 OK, so what is poetry anyway?
Lesson 2 Vocabulary selection
Lesson 3 Avoiding clichés
Lesson 4 Vivid words
Lesson 5 Imagery
Lesson 6 Line lengths
Lesson 7 Literary devices
Lesson 8 Literary devices #2
Lesson 9 Rhyme and meter
Lesson 10 Narrative poetry
Lesson 11 Ballads
Lesson 12 Slam poetry #1
Lesson 13 Slam poetry #2
Lesson 14 Slam poetry #3
Lesson 15 Slam poetry #4 performance!
Lesson 16 Portfolio compilation time
Lesson 17 Peer review time
Lesson 18 Poetry celebration

Handouts you might photocopy:

Portfolio checklist
Literary devices glossary
Tips for the verbal reading of poetry
Peer feedback form 
Teacher portfolio rubric

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