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“When will I ever use this?” The famous question asked by every Algebra student. Give your students a REAL application of polynomial functions with this mini project.

When textbook application problems aren’t cutting it to spark your students’ interest these “When Will I Ever Use This” mini projects will give them the real life application they are craving to know. From doctors, to accountants, to business owners, and beyond, algebra is used everyday by a variety of professionals.


Professional: Pharmacist

Task: Students will learn about a polynomial function that measures the amount of ibuprofen in a patients bloodstream, as a function of time. After analyzing this function and graph, students are given another similar scenario, modeled by a quadratic function. Students will find the zeros (by factoring) and the vertex point to answer questions about this medication and its concentration in the bloodstream as a function of time.


Algebra Skills:

  • Analyzing zeros of a graph.
  • Substituting values into a function.
  • Solving a quadratic function by factoring.
  • This project does NOT require prior work with polynomial functions higher than 2nd degree quadratics.