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This social story and autism visual supports bundle for toilet training is ideal for preschool or early elementary age children who are struggling with poop withholding or reluctance to have a bowel movement in the toilet. Included in this bundle are items that are ideal for autism toilet training, such as visual schedules in several formats including versions with real photos or graphics, a social story, and incentive systems. Initially therapists can begin with a first then board that is included and gradually move children to a “sticker chart” or token board where they gradually earn more tokens before getting a reward. A choice board is also included to help children select an activity that will help them remain seated longer on the toilet.


✅ Social skills story

♦Real photos

♦Photos of both boys and girls and a variety of ages

✅ Mini coloring book to review concepts introduced in the social skills story

✅ Choice board with activities to select while seated on the toilet

✅ Visual Schedule for toileting

✅ Mini coloring book to review concepts introduced in the social skills story

✅ Token boards or Sticker charts in a variety of popular themes

✅ First/Then board and pictures