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This social story or social narrative is focused on helping children who are reluctant to poop in the toilet. Poop withholding is a common issue for children with autism or other special education needs. Children often find the idea of transitioning from pull-ups to using the toilet to have bowel movements distressing because of a specific fear such as water splashing up or just dislike the change in routine. This story addresses these issues in an easy and positive way. The social skills story includes simple text and real photos to appeal to young children and includes a mini coloring book that can be put together and given to the child to review the concepts introduced in the story. Another obstacle is getting children to sit on the toilet long enough. The story gives children several ideas for helping them stay seated longer and incudes a visual that can be posted near the bathroom to access easily.

*Note the text of the social skills story is very similar to this resource: Poop in Potty Social Story & Visual Supports | TpT (teacherspayteachers.com) but was updated by request to include photos rather than graphic pictures


✅ Social skills story

✅ Choice board with ideas for waiting on the toilet

✅ Mini coloring book to review concepts introduced in the story