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Need a pop-up grammar lesson for pretérito e imperfecto past tenses in Spanish class, but not sure where to start? Support intermediate students’ grammar understanding with this engaging investigation worksheetguided notes, and practice activity set.

This mini-lesson is a perfect introduction to preterite and imperfect tense verbs or a great pop-up grammar lesson in CI or PACE classrooms.

In this lesson, students will answer personalized questions to dig into the concept. They will skim a reading to identify past tense verbs, then differentiate between the two types of verbs.

Using the Teacher Cheat Sheet, you’ll guide students through the verb conjugations and then practice. Ultimately, students will practice with a free write and a choice of three prompts.

This resource includes:

  • 4 student worksheets:
  • Investigation page with PQA and cognate-based reading
  • Guided notes for preterite tense
  • Guided notes for the imperfect tense
  • Practice/free write worksheet with choice of prompt
  • Teacher cheat sheet to guide you every step of the way

This resource includes a non-editable PDF, ready to print and teach.