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This is an art packet to help students learn about “Positive and Negative Space”. I’ve used these exercises with my students, and I’ve seen how much it’s helped them. So, I thought I’d put this packet together for it to be helpful for even more students. This packet contains resources that can reach different age/grade levels (some differentiation included).

Here is what is included:

-Positive Negative Space Information/Visual Example Sheet

-Teacher Lesson Plan: Basic Drawing Exercise/Project (Elementary Level)

-Teacher Lesson Plan: Drawing Exercise/Project (Middle or High School Level)

-Positive + Negative Space Stool Shading in Worksheets (basic but could be used with a number of learning levels)

-Positive and Negative Space in Art Research Questions (especially works well for

high school level)

-Positive and Negative Space in Art Research Questions Answer Key

I hope this packet is very helpful for your students! Thanks!