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Item description

Why has this resource been created?

Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten need to recognise sight words in order to read fluently. To help your students identify these words, I have created the following engaging resource that will help your pre-k/primer students learn how to read and recognise these words. This resource is easy to use, requires minimal preparation and, most importantly, your students will love completing it. It is perfect for independent practice, small group instruction or extra practice at home.

This pack contains 39 mini booklets that your students can read through to help them learn a range of important sight words. 

How do I use these resource with my students?

  1. Help your students develop their fine motor skills by instruction them to fold the paper into a mini booklet (see the video attached to this listing for guidance on how to fold the booklet)
  2. Help your students develop their letter identification skills by naming and coloring each letter on the first page of the mini booklet.
  3. Help your students develop their writing skills by writing the sight word in the missing boxes throughout the booklet. 
  4. Help your students develop their reading skills by instructing them to go back and read through their finished booklet. Students are then able to decorate their booklet.