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This Back to School Math and Literacy Packet is perfect for the beginning months of August and September. The worksheets are themed with apples and back-to-school graphics while providing an introduction to basic skills covered in the first two months of school.

The worksheets in this packet come in two forms: full page or 2 per page. The option to print 2 per page saves ink and paper!

Included in this packet:

✻ Counting worksheets- dab or color, matching, cut and paste, and tracing the answers.

✻ Number sense

✻ Number sequence

✻ Color by number

✻ Patterns

✻ Roll and Trace A-F: uppercase and lowercase

✻ Trace A-Z: uppercase and lowercase. (Use sheet protectors and let students trace with dry erase markers for extended use!)

✻ Color by letter

✻ Concepts of Print Cards- Used in teaching- Laminate or print on cardstock for

✻ Sort letter/number (concepts of print review)

✻ Rhyme

✻ Letter match: uppercase and lowercase

✻ Letter Sounds A-Z

✻ Name writing practice worksheets

✻ Daily sign-in strips: Cut out strips to let students sign their name daily and place in attendance box or board.

✻ All About Me worksheet

✻ My phone number practice

✻ First Day Self Portrait

✻ All About Me mini-book