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Are you looking for an engaging and quick way to add a daily sight word into your routine?

This set includes:

• 2 Sight Word of the Day display signs: black background and white background

• 40 Pre-primer sight words posters

• Each poster has the sight word, a context sentence, and features clipart for visual cues to help your students decode the sentences

• Context sentences include common words that are easy to read for Kindergarten students.

• Daily Challenge Display Sign and Daily Challenge Tally Sheet. It allows your class to build a tally chart of how many times they find the word each day.

• Student Tally Book for Daily Challenge (color and grayscale copies.)

• The mini book ( 5 inches by 3.8 inches) fits easily into book bags or bins! 

• Sample Score Sheets and instructions for all materials.

Ex: find – Did you find your backpack?

play – We will play ball today.

The sight word is highlighted in a different color in each context sentence to allow students to find them in the sentence with ease.

The individual book allows students to look for the sight words independently and at their own pace. 

This is a great way to build and reinforce sight words each day!

The daily challenge is a fun way to entice your students to look closely around the school, classroom, and books to find even more sight words all around them!

The tally chart books can be reviewed each day at morning meeting. Count up together and see who found the most words. Please see the preview file for a closer look at this resource.


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