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Need FUN and educational activities to help get your students through that last long week before the Holiday Break begins? This set will work! See the preview for all that is included!



* An Activity Packet Cover (Students can color this page in and complete each page within using a packet method, if desired)

* Winter/Holiday Themed Writing Pages

* Baking a Holiday Treat Recipe Drawing/Writing

* Christmas/Holidays Dice (Students will fill these out, with drawings as answers, for each number given. They will then use these cubes to play the included math games)

* Christmas Dice Leveled Math (Using the cubes created, students will roll their dice, add, subtract, multiply, and/or divide the numbers together, and color in their squares until completion.

* Elf, Santa, Gifts, and Reindeer Independent Mad Libs (Students will complete Part One first within each set, which asks them for the given words needed, and then they will flip their pages over to complete Part Two, where they will fill in their selected words from Part One within the Mad Lib story. If you would like to continue on with these activities, I have also included a Part Three, which allows students to go on with written stories and an illustration. These are fun to have students read aloud to help strengthen their public speaking skills!)

* Christmas Characters Cause and Effect (Students will create cause or effect situations. A backside for each of these 4 activities, with students drawing comic-strips to retell each cause/effect relationship that they created, is also included to lengthen each activity as desired)

* Create a New Christmas Product (Using a word wall, students will work in groups to brainstorm, write, and then present a commercial to their class on a new product.

* Making Words, Poetry, and Word Searches (for fun)

* “I’m Out of Here” Technology, Creative Planning/Writing, and Drawing (Students will pick a location that is totally different than the one you are currently calling home. They will research this location, make a brochure that tells all about this area, and then write an informative piece about their location)