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These pre-writing activities for February build small muscle, fine motor, and pencil control! They are a perfect addition to any winter-theme!


Each activity has 5 themed pages. 1 theme for each week of the month. 5 themes for months that have 5 weeks and so you can choose which themes fit your class.


THEMES for February:

Groundhog’s Day


Valentine’s Day

President’s Day

Tooth Fairy


There are 6 activities that address specific skills.

Activity #1 – PENCIL PRACTICE. Practice pencil control tracing within the lines.

Activity #2 – TRACE THE LINES. Practicing refining pencil control by tracing lines.

Activity #3 – FINISH THE PICTURE. Trace lines in smaller spaces.

Activity #4 – LINE MAZE. Practice tracing longer lines from one point to another.

Activity #5 – TANGLED LINES. Practice hand-eye coordination by staying on the same line throughout a maze of lines.

Activity #6 – LETTER FORMATION. Practice letter formation strokes.


Some of the activities are printables and others require some preparation such as laminating or placed in plastic sleeves. Here are the skills covered.



•Controlled small motor movements.

•Hand-eye coordination.

•Pencil control.

•Hand control and grasping. Pincer grip.

•Fine motor development.

•Bilateral coordination. 1 hand working a tool.

•Hand dominance.

•Hand division.

These pre-writing activities are perfect for centers, student teachers, parent helpers, as morning work, early finishers, small groups, an independent center option, homeschool, preschool, or for a substitute.