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These pre-writing activities for January build small muscle, fine motor, and pencil control! They are a perfect addition to any winter-theme!


Each activity has 5 themed pages. 1 theme for each week of the month. 5 themes for months that have 5 weeks and so you can choose which themes fit your class.


THEMES for January:

Snowmen Building

Arctic Animals

Snow Fun

Polar Bears

Martin Luther King Jr.


There are 6 activities that address specific skills.

Activity #1 – PENCIL PRACTICE. Practice pencil control tracing within the lines.

Activity #2 – TRACE THE LINES. Practicing refining pencil control by tracing lines.

Activity #3 – FINISH THE PICTURE. Trace lines in smaller spaces.

Activity #4 – LINE MAZE. Practice tracing longer lines from one point to another.

Activity #5 – TANGLED LINES. Practice hand-eye coordination by staying on the same line throughout a maze of lines.

Activity #6 – LETTER FORMATION. Practice letter formation strokes.


Some of the activities are printables and others require some preparation such as laminating. Here are the skills covered.



•Controlled small motor movements.

•Hand-eye coordination.

•Pencil control.

•Hand control and grasping. Pincer grip.

•Fine motor development.

•Bilateral coordination. 1 hand working a tool.

•Hand dominance.

•Hand division.

These pre-writing activities are perfect for centers, student teachers, parent helpers, as morning work, early finishers, small groups, an independent center option, homeschool, preschool, or for a substitute.