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This set of prefix posters and suffix posters make introducing and teaching affixes easy and engaging.


The posters are eye catching and come in several colors.


Student recording sheets are included as well as digital slides that can be assigned to students where they can add words that include the affixes, type in the meaning, type in a sentence, and add an image.


This resource is extremely versatile as it can be used in:

  • whole group lessons
  • small group lessons
  • centers
  • homelearning 
  • morning work

The prefixes included are: con-, de-, ex-, dis-, im-, in-, un-, sub-, pre-, centi-, anti-, multi-, uni-, mis-, non-, and re-.


The suffixes included are: -ible, -or, -ful, -less, -ian, -ly, -able, -ness, -ist, -ment, -ious, -tion, and -sion.


Within the pdf file you will find: 


⇒ Links to download a copy of the digital version to your Google Drive.

⇒ Prefixes and suffixes posters in four different colored sets (pink, blue, orange, & green) which may be printed as one color set or mix and match them.

⇒ A printable worksheet for students to fill out as you introduce prefixes and suffixes which they can include in their notebook.

⇒ Colorful prefixes and suffixes organizers for students to fill out online with examples. These forms have text boxes for students to type into that can also be removed to print out and use as a worksheet. View a sample in the preview of this resource.


>> How this resource can be implemented as a distance learning tool <<


⇒ If any of your students do not have devices or cannot complete the work online, simply print the resource and put together a packet for parents to pick up at school.

⇒ For students who do have digital devices, a digital version of this resource has been added. You can use this resource within Google Drive, Google Classroom™, Microsoft OneDrive™, Microsoft Teams™ or a learning management system.

⇒ The digital component can also be used as an extension to the introductory lesson once the prefixes and suffixes have been introduced. It makes a great technology center activity.




>>What are others saying about this resource?<<


“Nice touch to put in different color combinations. That way I can change it up if I redecorate. Perfect combination of helpers for teaching suffixes and prefixes.”


“These are difficult skills for my special education students. This resource lays it out easily for the kids to understand.”