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Understanding prefixes is a critical language skill that can build confidence in reading and writing as students learn to use them to increase vocabulary. Students use un-, dis- and re- prefixes to complete these easy-to-use worksheets.

This Bundle includes two Prefixes resources with a total of 7 worksheets that provide practice in using the prefixes un-, dis- and re-.

Students will add prefixes to given words to fill in the blanks in sentences. They will also add prefixes to given words and use the words in their own sentences.

  • One resource includes explanations of the prefixes and is useful for introducing the topic, extra practice, or review.
  • The other resource does not include explanations of the prefixes, or examples. It can be used as practice, review, and also for assessment.

The two resources are similar and can be used together. The worksheets in each are similar, except that one includes explanations of the prefixes and one does not.

The two resources use different sentences but the format of the worksheets is the same. The two resources can be used together for differentiation.

These worksheets are designed for grade 2 and 3. Perfect for in-class or take-home assignments.

Worksheets support Common Core Standards L.2.1, L.2.1f, L.2.4b, L.3.1, L.3.1i, L.3.4b