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Value bundle of printable worksheets, word cards, task cards and poster anchor charts for students to easily learn to read and spell words with prefixes, understand the meanings of prefixes, add a prefix to a base word, understand how a prefix changes the meaning of a base word and use base words and words with prefixes in their writing.

In This Bundle

50 Prefixes ab, ad, ante, anti, auto, be, bi, co, de, di, dia, dis, em, en, ex, extra, fore, homo, hyper, hypo, il, im, in, inter, ir, mal, mega, micro, mid, mis, mono, multi, non, omin, out, over, para, post, pre, pro, re, semi, sub, super, trans, tri, ultra, un, uni, up

What is Included:

25 No Prep Worksheets

Prefix Sort: add prefix to base word, x5

How Many More: build words with prefix, x5

Prefix Sentences: write a sentence with base word and new word, x5

New Meanings: base word and with prefix, x10

Each activity has 5 different worksheets with 10 prefixes, beginner to challenge levels

Worksheets 1: bi, dis, mid, mis, multi, re, semi, tri, un, up

Worksheets 2: di, ex, mega, micro, non, over, pre, pro, sub, super

Worksheets 3: anti, extra, in, inter, mal, mono, out, post, ultra, uni

Worksheets 4: auto, be, co, de, dis, em, en, il, im, para

Worksheets 5: ab, ad, ante, fore, homo, hyper, hypo, ir, omni, trans

200 Word Cards for manipulative hands on word building activities, 150 base word cards and 50 Prefix cards

50 Task Cards with prefix, meaning and picture clue

Activities on each task card:

  • Write the base word

  • Add prefixes to the base word to make new words

  • Write sentences to include base word and new words

  • Write meanings for the base word and new words

50 Posters with prefix, meaning and picture clue

Print as A4 or any preferred size

Also included:

Teacher Resources: Word and Prefix Lists

  • Answer keys for Prefix Sort and How Many More

  • 50 Prefixes with meanings

  • 5 lists of 10 prefixes with 3 examples